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African Dream Root, Silene capensis 10g - SOILED LABELS

African Dream Root, Silene capensis 10g - SOILED LABELS


African Dream Root, Silene capensis 

Silene capensis is a tender perennial, native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The local Xhosa tribe consider it a sacred plant. The root of the plant is traditionally used to induce remarkably vivid – and according to the Xhosa, prophetic – lucid dreams. It is classified as a naturally occurring oneirogen – that which produces a dream-like state of consciousness – and is similar, though apparently more effective, than the well-known dream herb Calea zacatechichi.

Silene Capensis is regarded by shamans of the South African region as a type of ‘Ubulawu’, or medicinal root that they call ‘Undela Ziimhlophe’, which directly translates to ‘white paths’ or white ways.’ It has been utilised for many, many years by a culture who believe ancestors are contacted through dreams, so they seek out and cultivate plants that assist in enhancing dreaming.

How to prepare Silene capensis (Ubulawu):

Put a tablespoon of powder into a litre or so of water (perhaps try letting it soak for a few hours or days)
Stir it hard with a fork (the fork represents your connection to your paternal and material ancestors) until a thick layer of foam is produced on top
Drink the foam in the morning on an empty stomach until you feel bloated and almost ready to vomit.
Maybe try some more in the evening.
Repeat this every day for a course of a few days (or weeks) until you notice the effects

Expected Results :

While sleeping, your dreams will be exceptionally colorful, and will be remembered upon awakening. (A good idea is to keep a notebook handy for writing down the results.) Ubulawu is traditionally used to access dream-time and to communicate with ones ancestors.

Precautions :

Use the recommended amounts only; the actives are active in these doses. Larger amounts will have a purgative action, however there are no fatalities or harmful side effects reported, only a good vomiting and cleansing out of the stomach. Small doses over several days will affect even the most insensitive person, so there is no need to take a large amount.

Drink it on an empty stomach, and then when you feel hungry, you can eat. This will give the alkaloids time to travel through your system. The effects will be felt that night. The alkaloids travel quite slowly through the blood system, so it won't get excreted out during the day.

Before going to sleep, focus on a question you want answered by the ancestors. One of the ancestors will appear in your dream with the answer. This plant is not just used for vivid dreams, but as a divination tool. For more insensitive persons, or for people who use other alkaloids or have other alkaloids in their system. A more `clean' person would be more sensitive. The alkaloids from using some over a few days would build up in your system.


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