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Valerian 50ml Drops

Valerian 50ml Drops


Valerian is used to treat minor nervous disorders and its mainly used for sleeping difficulties.

One of the worst things that a woman having menopause may suffer from is insomnia or the inability to sleep and maintain a good amount of sleep at night. Drugs are available to help a person achieve proper sleep but such drugs can lead to long term effects.

Several studies have been conducted linking insomnia management with the use of Valerian, a Greek and Roman herb used even during the ancient times to manage health problems. And while modern medicine is still split as to whether the herb really works, several studies have already put the said plant to test.

In a study conducted by researchers in Tehran University (Iran), thirty percent of subjects showed relief from insomnia and showed improvement in their sleep quality which included the length of time it takes for them to doze off and the frequency of waking up while they are asleep. The group who took placebos, on the other hand, only showed improvement among three percent of their population. Side effects were also mild, according to the researchers which make the valerian herb capsule worth trying.



10-15 drops under the tongue, 3-8 times per day 


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