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Winter anti Cold Combo - 3x Natural Products

Winter anti Cold Combo - 3x Natural Products


Winter Combo
Winter is on it's way.
Here are 3 steps to to try help or ease winter for you
3x Natural Winter Remedies
1. Immuvitox - Boost your immune system to help reduce risk of colds and flu. Immuvitox Spray acts as an immune builder, powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory; counteracts degenerative diseases and is a natural antiseptic.
2. Respireze - Help colds and flu - If you are having breathing difficulties, suffer from Asthma, emphysema, phlegm, congestion, post nasal drip or sore throats, this is a wonderful item to help work on the respiratory system. It is fast working, easy to use spray, all natural product.
3. Pelargonium - This is a traditional South African remedy for treating coughs, cold, bronchitis, TB and other respiratory problems.
Fomulated by registered South African herbalist.
See my other lisitngs for each item individually and also list of ingredients.

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